Tower Madness v0.23


  • Arrow Key = Move
  • X = Interact
    • Ammo box to grab ammo
    • Cannon to load ammo (if ammo in hand)
    • Cannon to manually fire
    • Desk to upgrade tower attack/speed
  • Use the ladder in the bottom left corner to switch towers


Firstly, thanks for checking out my game! I made this as an entry for the GMTK 2018 Game Jam, with the theme "[Genre] without [mechanic]". This is my first game jam, and it was a ton of fun! I decided to use Pico-8, a fantasy console programmed using lua. This decision came with some serious limitations, including 128x128 display and 16 color palette. All in all, I'm fairly happy for my first game jam, first time using Pico8, and first time using Lua.

I didn't have time for sound/bgm, and art assets are a bit lacking, including the main menu, but functionality is solid! If you have any comments or thoughts, let me know, as I'm bound to pick this project back up and flesh it out more.


For Weekly Game Jam Week 61, I've updated the game quite a bit! See below for a changelog over the last few days!


v0.2 - Game Jam Final -Enemies: Implemented 1 enemy type, hp bars, movement, reward -Towers: Implemented towers, empty ammo indicator, tower switching -Player: Collision, movement, acceleration -GUI: HUD for stats. Main menu, game over, win. Indicators for action on usable nodes. -Upgrade: Added upgrade system. One button upgrade when using desk.

v0.21 -Upgrade: fixed bug where upgrading over level 7 caused a crash -Upgrade: fixed missing code that prevented tower 2 and 3 from being upgraded -Upgrade: fixed bug that caused the wrong amount of money to be deducted for upgrades

v0.22 -Gameplay: Balanced upgrade levels, creep hp, creep rewards, tower speed and tower atk -Gameplay: Increased amount of ammo added per reload -Gameplay: Implemented 2 new enemy types -SFX: Added sound effects -GFX: Added red (X) indicator on cannon to show when you can fire(X) indactor now shows white when able to reload, and red when able to fire cannon.

v0.23 -Gameplay: Implemented "Easy Mode" -UI: Improved Title Screen -UI: Implemented Instructions page -UI: Implemented Main Menu


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